Disability Benefits

You worked hard to earn your disability benefits. If you have disability benefits under a short term or long term disability plan, our experienced attorneys can help you receive your disability benefits.

You may have a disability insurance policy that you have purchased individually, or a group policy from your employer. Whichever you have, legal help is important at every stage of the claim process. We can help you understand deadlines, make the best claim you can you make based on the evidence of your disability, and prepare you if the insurance company denies that you are disabled.

The denial letter you receive will tell you how long you have to file an appeal. While six months — a time period we typically see — may seem like plenty of time, it’s critical that you begin work right away on gathering information. It is best to get legal advice promptly to make sure you are preparing the strongest possible appeal.

The insurance policy will often include technical, legal provisions and other deadlines that are important to your claim. If you have a group plan through your employer, it will probably be governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), a law that — despite its name — includes additional pitfalls for the employee that an experienced lawyer will help you avoid.

Once your appeal is denied, it can be much harder to pursue you claim in court. That’s why we encourage disabled workers to contact us as early as possible.